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Our mission is to provide information, care and support so you can improve your health.

We are here to discuss your nutrition and lifestyle, help you lose weight and achieve your health goals.

Weight Loss, Improve Energy, Optimise Metabolism

Weight loss is more than calorie counting. We need to understand the power of hormones in metabolic health.

Dr Avi Charlton has started Melbourne Low Carb Clinic with an aim to have a holistic approach to provide health care and nutritional information. She will discuss how to use a real food diet and other pillars of lifestyle with an aim to optimise your health.

We will listen to your needs and write a personalised plan based on your individual situation.

We provide ongoing follow ups for long-lasting lifestyle changes.

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May 2024

Low Carb Dinner at Bucatini 18th May 2024

In the pursuit of health and wellness, the role of a supportive community cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to dietary changes like adopting a low-carb diet. A supportive community offers a sense of belonging, encouragement, and shared resources that significantly enhance individuals’ ability to make and sustain healthier choices. Within such a community,...
18 May
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
No event found!
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Meet your doctor

I am Dr Avi Charlton. I am a fully qualified General Practitioner Medical Doctor with fellowship with The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.
I have been a GP for 20 years.  The last few years I have developed a special interest and subsequent qualification in Low Carb Nutrition with Nutrition Network and Australasian College of Nutrition and Environment Medicine.
I have now set up a Low Carb Clinic to help patients improve health and chronic diseases with nutrition. I am a low carb GP. 

Why Low Carb?​


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