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I wrote up this whole list of websites, books, people you can follow. Also a couple of awesome movies you can watch. 


Download my FREE ebook

This ebook will give you a fantastic guide on how to start a low carb lifestyle. I go through what’s good food and what is not so helpful for improving your health and losing weight.

Watch my free Masterclass - How to lose weight without exercise

On 26thJuly 2023, I hosted this free masterclass.Are you tired of feeling tired? Have you tried various diets and exercise programs, only to see little to no results? If so, then we have great news for you! We are excited to invite you to our free masterclass on “How to Lose Weight without Exercise,” where you will learn how it is possible to effectively and sustainably shed unwanted kilograms.

In this masterclass, I will discuss:

• How to eat properly following the right nutrition for our species.

• The importance of other lifestyle factors.

• How fuelling your body correctly will assist in losing weight, improve your health, and overall help you feel better.

• The potential of minimising the use of medications and looking at reducing the risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. This masterclass is completely free and open to anyone who wants to learn more about losing weight without exercise.

Learn about insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes

On 28th October, 2022, I hosted a free info evening at my clinic. This talk is what I have done to discuss what insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome is. You can learn about in this video. 

Learn about inflammation

This video was done for Tracey McBeath‘s Low Carb Lifestyle Long Weekend 2022. I did some research on inflammation and discussed various things that increases inflammation and what helps to reduce inflammation. You can become a member  The Low Carb Lifestyle Hub to watch all the other videos and weekends she has done. I will be actively contributing to resources in that membership program.

Watch some my Super Fast Cooking show on YouTube

Here is the link to my YouTube channel. Subscribe for the latest video.