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Are you looking for an engaging and knowledgeable speaker for your next event? Look no further! As an experienced lifestyle physician, I bring a wealth of expertise and passion to a variety of health and wellness topics, including lifestyle management, nutrition, functional breathing, and weight loss. Whether you’re organizing a corporate wellness program, a health conference, or a community workshop, I can tailor my presentation to meet the unique needs of your audience.

Dr. Avi Charlton speaking at a public event.

Topics I Can Cover

1. Lifestyle Management:

  • Discover the keys to achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn practical strategies for stress management, sleep optimization, and physical activity.
  • Understand the importance of mental health and well-being in overall health.

2. Nutrition:

  • Explore the latest insights into healthy eating and nutrition science.
  • Get practical tips on meal planning, balanced diets, and managing dietary restrictions.
  • Understand the impact of nutrition on physical performance, energy levels, and long-term health.

3. Functional Breathing:

  • Learn the fundamentals of proper breathing techniques for enhanced physical and mental performance.
  • Understand how functional breathing can improve sleep, reduce stress, and boost energy.
  • Discover breathing exercises that can be integrated into daily routines for immediate benefits.

4. Weight Loss:

  • Gain evidence-based strategies for sustainable weight loss and maintenance.
  • Understand the role of metabolism, hormones, and different types of diets in weight management.
  • Learn about the psychological aspects of weight loss and how to overcome common challenges.

Why Book Me?

Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the field of general practice, I bring a deep understanding of the scientific principles behind health and wellness. My practical approach ensures that attendees leave with actionable knowledge they can apply immediately.

Engaging and Dynamic Presentations: My speaking style is both informative and inspiring. I strive to create an interactive and enjoyable experience, encouraging audience participation and engagement.

Customized Content: I tailor each presentation to fit the specific needs and interests of your audience. Whether it’s a corporate team looking to improve their health or a group of fitness enthusiasts seeking advanced knowledge, I ensure that my content is relevant and impactful.

Proven Track Record: I have successfully delivered talks and workshops at various events, receiving positive feedback for my ability to simplify complex topics and motivate attendees to make positive changes in their lives.

Book Your Event Today

If you’re interested in booking me for your next event, please reach out to discuss your needs and how I can help make your event a success. Contact me at avi.charlton@mlcclinic.com.au. Let’s work together to inspire and educate your audience on the path to better health and wellness.

I look forward to the opportunity to speak at your event and share valuable insights that can transform lives. Together, we can empower your audience to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Check out my stuff

Dr Charlton Low Carb GP YouTube channel

Featured Guest Appearances on Spotify Podcast

Prescribing Lifestyle Podcast

My Presentation at Low Carb Gold Coast 2022

I was so proud to be invited as a speaker in Gold Coast October 2022. I talk about my journey as well as a case. My talk starts at 16 minutes.

I was invited in June 2022 by the Diamond Creek Runners to do a talk on menopause/ peri-menopause. I talk about lifestyle, menopause hormone therapy, etc to help with symptoms and improve health. Some of the slides are from the Jean Haile’s Foundation but I have included some of my own work and opinion.

I was invited by the Revero Community to have an interview with Dr Shawn Baker. It was such an awesome experience. We talk everything about my journey. 

A Chat with Tracey - May 2020

A chat with Tracey, in preparation for her Low Carb Lifestyle Long weekend in 2020.

The Running Journey of a Low Carb GP - May 2020

I recorded this video in 2020 about my low carb journey and my exercise journey. Also a few information on how to incorporate low carb into exercises. This was recorded for Tracey McBeath Health coach’s Women’s health summit in 2020. https://www.traceymcbeath.com.au/womens-health-summit/ 

Journey of a Low Carb GP - May 2021

This video is recorded for Tracey McBeath’s Low carb lifestyle long weekend 2021. Its about the journey of me, as a low carb GP, about myths I used to tell my patients about nutrition.

Nutritional talk to medical students - Feb 2022

A group of future doctors, medical student from Deakin University, invited me to talk to them about nutrition on Zoom. Here is the video of the talk. This was published on 24 Feb 2022.

Chat with Tracey, from Low Carb Lifestyle Hub - Aug 2022

This is a chat with Tracey McBeath for her Lifestyle Long Weekend 2022

Understanding Inflammation - Aug 2022

This talk was prepared form Tracey McBeath’s Low Carb Lifestyle Long Weekend 2022. I did some research on inflammation and discuss what increases inflammation and what you can do about it.

Low Carb Down Under Event in Melbourne April 2021

I was part of a panel of doctors in Low Carb Down Under Event in April 2021. 

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Susan Birch - The Health Detective podcast - Nov 2022

Susan Birch invited me to do a podcast discussing my journey. It was a great chat.

Sugar by Half podcast - Nov 2022

I was invited to have a chat with Daniel Velardo from Sugar by Half. Daniel is actually my running coach. It was great to chat with him about my journey.

A Chat with Lynda Rose - Dec 2022

Lynda Rose is a health coach in Perth. She runs Low Carb Perth. It was an awesome chat with Lynda.

Meet the Low Carb Melbourne Admin team - May 2022

Trace, from The Low Carb Lifestyle Hub, is a co-admin with me at Low Carb Melbourne. She had a chat with all the admins. 

A Free Info Evening at Melbourne Low Carb Clinic - Oct 2022

I organised a free info evening at our clinic. I invited Tracey McBeath, Helena Kastanis and Gillian Harvey to do a talk. Here is the blog page if you want to read more. https://melbournelowca.wpengine.com/free-low-carb-information-evening/

Below is my talk.

A Talk at K.O. Lifestyle and Fitness gym - Nov 2022

Gym owner, Brad, of K.O. Lifestyle and Fitness in Scoresby , invited me to do this talk. Great to spread the word of low carb, real food, to his gym members.

Podcast with Dr Suresh Khirwadkar, The Meat Medic - Jan 2023

I was invited by a fellow lifestyle GP Dr Suresh Khirwadkar from Queensland for his podcast, The Meat Medic Podcast. It was a great chat about my journey and all things low carb, GP practice, experience with patients.

Podcast hosted by Emma Martin - The Lazy Keto Mum - April 2023

Emma Martin – The Lazy Keto Mum, invited me to The Keto Retreat in July 2023. She also invited me to do this podcast. You can listen to our awesome chat.