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Defeat Diabetes Program

Join the first evidence-based, doctor-led program that can help achieve weight loss and remission for those living with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Cancel your subscription during your 14-day trial trial at any time. No questions, no fuss.

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Full disclosure: I receive a small amount of commission for each sale

Defeat Diabetes Program.

Be Fit Foods

Be Fit Foods is a food delivery service. 

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Keep It Keto

Keep It Keto is a local meal delivery service.

Simply Swap Foods

Simply Swap foods is a local Victorian family business. They are advocates of low carb food. Their product range includes cake mix, porridge mix, mug cakes, and bread mixes. 

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Full disclosure: I receive a small amount of commission for each sale

Ecology Skin Care

Ecology skin care offers natural skin care products. They are local Victorian business. Their skin care product range uses natural products, includes moisturiser, hair care products, goats milk soap, etc. 

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Full disclosure: I receive a small amount of store credit for each sale

Tassie Tallow

Tassie Tallow offers Tasmanian tallow products such as cooking fat, skin care products and other Tasmanian delicacies. 

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My friend, Darren, will get a small commission.

Tassie Tallow product.

Chief Nutrition

Real food snacks and supplements. Yummy collagen bars, beef biltong and beef bars. Perfect for On the go.

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Chief Nutrition bars in cardboard box.

Barbell Foods

Barbell Foods sells great tasting biltong you can have as snacks or even meals.

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Barbell Foods snacks.

Low Carb Emporium

Low Carb Emporium is a real store and online store. Their warehouse is in Cheltenham. Great collection of low carb products.

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Low Carb Emporium snacks.

Sodii electrolytes

Sodii is an Australian company. 

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Sodii Electrolytes supplement placed on top of electrolytes.

Emma Martin - the Lazy Keto mum

Emma Martin is from Queensland. She wrote a book called The F Word. She also hosted the Keto Retreat in July 2023. She will host another Keto Retreat in Feb 2024. I have been invited as a speaker. You can use this link to access tickets or buy her book. She also has online cooking classes and courses.

Full disclosure: I get a small commission on the sales of her products.

The F Word book by Emma Martin.

The Oxygen Advantage

The Oxygen Advantage is where I get my training from for Functional Breathing. You can access the store for 5-10% discount for products and online courses.

Full disclosure: I receive a small amount of commission for each sale

Oxygen Advantage Logo.

Nutrition Network

I have learnt a lot from Nutrition Network. They provide online courses for the medical professionals as well as the general public. 

Full disclosure: I get a small commission for each sale.

Logo of Nutrition Network.