Suggested Websites and Resources

List of foods to eat plenty of, eat some of, and eat little of for a healthy diet.
List of foods to eat plenty of, eat some of, and eat little of for a healthy diet.

Suggested websites and resources

Websites for low carb learning

Health coaches

Lynda Rose (The Whole body) is a nutritionist, health coach in Perth. She has wide knowledge on low carb nutrition and improving your mindset. Email me for a special.

Tracey McBeath is the Health and Healing Coach. She has lots of coaching programs. An awesome book called You Have Today.

Andre Obradovic is a coach that specialises working with men.

Daniel Velardo is my running coach. He also does health and nutrition coaching.

Jodi Dunell is a health coach.


Websites for low carb recipes

Follow these people on Insta/ Facebook

  • dr_Charlton_low_carb_GP (my low carb insta)
  • doctor_mummy_runner (my running insta)
  • tracey_mcbeath. The health and healing coach
  • real_life_medicine, Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson
  • Dr Pran Yoganathan – Gastroenterologist in Sydney
  • Dr James Mueke
  • Belinda Fettke
  • Dr Ken Berry MD
  • Jessica Turton – dietician for Ellipse Health
  • lovinlchf by Darren Graham
  • changingplates by Helena Kastanis
  • gillianharveyhealth
  • the low carb ep by Kimberley Peden
  • Santé Medical Low carb GP – Dr Jackie Montefiore
  • Dr Suresh Khirwadkar
  • Dr Nelum Dharmapriya – Whole Food revolution
  • Dr Penny Figure – low carb GP in Port Macquarie

Apps to help low carb lifestyle

  • Defeat Diabetes
  • Carb Manager
  • Low Carb Program (UK based app)

YouTube channels

  • Low Carb Down Under
  • Dr Paul Mason’s videos
  • Dr Eric Berg
  • Dr Ken Berry MD
  • The Meat Medic Dr Suresh Khirwadkar


Low carb books

  • A Fat Lot of Good by Dr Peter Brukner
  • The Diabetes Plan by Peter Brukner
  • A Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teichlolz
  • Lies My Doctor Told me by Dr Ken Berry
  • The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung
  • Sacred Cow by Diana Rodgers
  • The Salt Fix by Dr James DiNicolantonio
  • Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes
  • Why We Get Sick by Ben Bikman


The Questionable Link between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease by Nina Teicholz


American Diabetes Association Low Carb and Very Low Carb eating  in Adults with Diabetes: A Guide for Health Care providers


Watch the Fat Fiction movie

Watch The Magic Pill movie

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