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Melbourne Low Carb Clinic: Your Nationwide Partner in Weight Loss and Wellness

The Melbourne Low Carb Clinic is revolutionizing how Australians approach weight loss and wellness. By offering telehealth services Australia-wide, the clinic ensures everyone has access to expert guidance on keto and low-carb diets. With a focus on effective weight loss strategies, the clinic supports clients in achieving their health goals from the comfort of their own homes.

Why Choose a Keto or Low-Carb Diet?

The ketogenic (keto) and low-carb diets are increasingly recognized for their benefits in weight loss and overall health improvement. Here’s why these diets are so effective:

  1. Rapid Weight Loss: By drastically reducing carbohydrate intake, the body enters a state of ketosis, where it burns fat for energy, leading to significant weight loss.
  2. Better Blood Sugar Control: Low-carb diets help stabilize blood sugar levels, which is particularly beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance.
  3. Enhanced Mental Clarity: Many individuals experience improved focus and mental clarity on a keto diet, thanks to the steady energy supply from ketones.
  4. Increased Energy Levels: Avoiding blood sugar spikes and crashes leads to more consistent energy levels throughout the day.
  5. Reduced Inflammation: Keto and low-carb diets have anti-inflammatory effects, reducing the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and arthritis.

Melbourne Low Carb Clinic: Services and Offerings

1. Telehealth Consultations

Melbourne Low Carb Clinic extends its services nationwide through telehealth. This means you can receive personalized dietary advice and support from Dr Charlton, no matter where you are in Australia. The convenience of telehealth allows you to maintain your health and weight loss journey without the need for in-person visits.

2. Comprehensive Diet Plans

The clinic provides tailored keto and low-carb diet plans designed to suit individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your approach, the experts at Melbourne Low Carb Clinic offer guidance on meal planning, portion control, and nutritional balance.

3. Ongoing Support

Weight loss is a journey that requires continuous support and adjustments. The clinic offers regular follow-ups through telehealth to ensure you stay on track and make necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle.

4. Educational Resources 

The Melbourne Low Carb Clinic provides a wealth of educational resources, including recipes, meal ideas, and tips for maintaining a keto or low-carb lifestyle. These resources are accessible online, making it easy to stay informed and motivated.

5. Low Carb Pro Membership Subscription

For those seeking even more support and community, the Melbourne Low Carb Clinic offers the Low Carb Pro Membership subscription. This premium service includes bi-weekly Zoom sessions with a health professional, where you can discuss your progress, ask questions, and get personalized advice. The membership also provides exclusive access to advanced resources, webinars, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals on the same journey.

Medicare Rebate: Making Health Care Accessible

An added benefit of the Melbourne Low Carb Clinic is the availability of a Medicare rebate for eligible patients. If you have attended the clinic in Wantirna or Pascoe Vale South in person within the last 12 months, you may qualify for a medicare rebate on your consultations. This makes the expert care at Melbourne Low Carb Clinic more accessible and affordable, helping you achieve your weight loss goals without financial stress.

Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle with Melbourne Low Carb Clinic

The Melbourne Low Carb Clinic is dedicated to helping Australians achieve their weight loss and health goals through the benefits of keto and low-carb diets. By offering telehealth services nationwide, the clinic ensures that expert guidance is always within reach. With comprehensive diet plans, ongoing support, and accessible healthcare through Medicare rebates, Melbourne Low Carb Clinic is your partner in a healthier, happier lifestyle.

45 min Telehealth Video Consultation

$ 330

30 min Telehealth Video Consultation

$ 220
  • If you have been seen face to face in Melbourne Low Carb Clinic or Wantirna Mall Clinic within the last 12 months, you can have $42.85 medicare rebate.
  • If you have signed up to MyMedicare and nominated me as your regular doctor, you can get $82.90 medicare rebate.

15 min Telehealth Video Consultation

$ 110
  • If you have been seen face to face in Melbourne Low Carb Clinic or Wantirna Mall Clinic within the last 12 months, you can have a flat rate of $42.85 medicare rebate.