Join my 8 week Complete Guide to Low Carb Course

Poster for MLC Clinic's 8 Weeks Complete Guide to Low Carb online course.
Poster for MLC Clinic's 8 Weeks Complete Guide to Low Carb online course.

Course is starting again on 15th May 2023. 

Course is priced at $495

My course will help

  • Those who is struggling to lose weight
  • Those who are sick of yoyo dieting
  • wants to learn about how to get healthy
  • Those who are tired all the time or have specific conditions
  • Those who have tried low carb but have gone off rail and want to get back on

What we will learn

  • What metabolism is, metabolic syndrome, hormones 
  • What conditons that can be helped by going low carb
  • Benefits of going low carb
  • Quick lesson on cholesterol
  • How to start
  • How to build a plate
  • Substitutes for favourite foods
  • How to do low carb as a family
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Practicing self compassion – sleep, exercise, stress, meditation
  • Understanding addictions
  • Troubleshoots, tips, community support, favourite recipes

What you get

  • Weekly release of contents
  • Short videos to show you the science and practical tips
  • Lots of videos including those from recent events at the clinic
  • Discount codes from various sponsors and local companies
  • Fortnightly Zoom sessions on Thursday nights 7:30pm AEST  with Dr Charlton for coaching and accountability
  • Direct message or email Dr Charlton and I will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

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