A Talk to a Gym

Weight loss and nutrition Doctor Avi Charlton giving a speech to members of a gym that are sat down listening.

A Talk to K.O. Lifestyle and Fitness

Gym owner, Brad, of K.O. Lifestyle and Fitness, drove past one day and saw my signs of Melbourne Low Carb Clinic. He emailed me, cos he supports low carb and even carnivore himself. So we met up and he even came to my free info night at the clinic on 27 Oct 2022.

He asked me to do a talk at his gym, which was tonight. I shared my journey and knowledge about low carb. I hope it helps to spread the word and helps with those who wants to pursue health. The audience was engaging. I had a little kid who raised his hand and was concerned. He said, ‘so we can’t eat the ice-cream and chocolates?’. I said those should be sometimes foods. 😛

Here is the YouTube link if you’d like to watch. I have also attached the slides from the presentation.  Download the slides with this button.