Free Low Carb Information Evening

Free low cab information evening on the 27th of October 2022 at 7-9PM. You can sign up on the MLC Clinic website.

Free Low Carb Information Evening

Free low cab information evening on the 27th of October 2022 at 7-9PM. You can sign up on the MLC Clinic website.

I have invited 3 of the admins of Low Carb Melbourne to give a talk at Melbourne Low Carb Clinic. These 4 (OK, I include myself) are a wealth of information. It was such an awesome night. We had so much enthusiasms for change!! 


Dr Avi Charlton – Insulin, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes

Helena Kastanis – Introduction to Low Carb Lifestyle

Tracey McBeath – Change and Mindset

Gillian Harvey – Low Carb for Chronic conditions


Introducing the speakers

Dr Avi Charlton

Low Carb GP. Founder of Melbourne Low Carb Clinic. Follow her socials on @dr charlton low carb GP

Helena Kastanis

Health coach in Melbourne. Follow her socials on @changing plates

Tracey McBeath

Health coach. She is @the Health and Healing coach. Founder of The Low Carb Lifestyle Hub. Organised 3 Low Carb Lifestyle Long Weekend last 3 years.

Check out her website

Gillian Harvey

Nutritionist in Melbourne. Follow her on @Gillian Harvey Health.

Check out her website

MLC Clinic doctors and specialists showing gift boxes.

The Night

We had an awesome night. Turn out was fantastic. We had planned 60 people to come. A few couldn’t come due to rain or last minute emergencies. But it was a fantastic night. Engagement was fantastic. Feedback were all positive. I think we all learnt a lot from each other. 

I talked about Insulin, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes. We should all try to improve our metabolic health through the myriad of ways, including eating low carb, intermittent fasting, exercise, reducing stress, sleep. 

Helena talked about how to start low carb. She used her and her mother in law as an example. Both of them had amazing journeys, gaining health and reversing diabetes and metabolic syndrome.Tracey talked about change and mindset. She talked about how change can be hard and how our habitual thoughts will try to sabotage your behaviour. She discuss how we can have choice and freedom from our habitual thinking.

Gillian talked about low carb and chronic conditions. She pulled a few examples how low carb is associated with chronic conditions that we didn’t even know, for example Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc.

The plan is to release these talk videos each week. Subscribe to my newsletter and the talks videos will come to your newsletter.

The first 3 videos are uploaded to my YouTube channel. You can watch following this link.


A thank you to sponsors. These sponsors include: Simply Swaps food, The Keto Place, Regretless, Treat with No Guilt, K.O. Fitness.

I wanted to support local business so I asked a few sponsors to come and promote their businesses. They brought cake, treats and samples. K.O. Fitness gym owner, Bradley, brought some discount vouchers. (You can still ask me for one). They are all supportive of low carb lifestyle. 

Just a note about sweet treats. To some people, it may trigger their sweet addiction. Some people also may have problems with regulating their consumptions. Please be careful in those instances.

Here are their websites if you’d like to order anything

The Keto Place

Regretless Dessert Shop

On reflections, it was such an awesome event. Hopefully these events will inspire more people to improve and learn new things. We discover how to improve our health, mindset, lifestyle and learn more about ourselves. I am so pumped up. I already have plans to organise another event, February 2023. I am also thinking of launching online courses with community support. Drop me a message. Follow me on socials. Let me know what you think!!!

Dr Avi Charlton

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